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Guide to Intimidator 4×4 UTV Models at Cowboy CDJR in Clinton AR

What Are the Differences Between Intimidator UTV Models Little Rock AR?

Are you looking for a 4×4 Utility Vehicle that is perfect for work or play? A licensed dealer of Intimidator 4×4 Utility Vehicles in the Little Rock area, Cowboy CDJR promises plenty of thrills. If you are not sure which Intimidator UTV will be the best fit, you may want to know – what are the differences between Intimidator UTV models near Little Rock, AR? Find the right fit at Cowboy CDJR!

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Intimidator UTV Classic Series 

Tailor-made for hard work or play, the Intimidator UTV Classic Series promises plenty of either one. Each Classic Series model makes room for three passengers on a spacious bench seat that will accommodate three adults. A quartet of powertrains will deliver the power you need on the trail or on the jobsite – a 1,000cc Kohler® diesel engine, 48-volt brushless electric motor, a 750cc Kohler® gas engine and an 800cc Intimidator gas engine. Equipped with a full-size bed, the Intimidator Classic Series possesses a maximum payload of 1,200 pounds and a towing capacity of 2,100 pounds. Electric-powered Classic Series entries will haul up to 700 pounds of cargo and tow up to 1,500 pounds. 

Intimidator UTV Crew Cab Series 

Amp up the fun and get behind the wheel of an Intimidator UTV Crew Cab Series at Cowboy CDJR. With room for six adults, the Crew Cab Series provides plenty of thrills for everyone and pairs a 4×4 UTV design with three powerful engine options. Intimidator Crew Cab Series entries can be equipped with your choice between a 1,000cc Kohler® diesel engine, a 750cc Kohler® gas engine and an 800cc Intimidator gas engine. With the capability to haul up to 1,000 pounds of cargo in the bed and tow up to 2,100 pounds of cargo, the Crew Cab Series is perfect for the jobsite. Equipped with the 800cc Intimidator engine, the Crew Cab Series will reach a top speed of 55 mph. 

Intimidator UTV Truck Series 

When there is hard work to be done, the Intimidator UTV Truck Series will check all the boxes. A 6-foot black powder-coated aluminum truck bed with a fold-down tailgate will handle up to 1,200 pounds of cargo with ease. Highlights of the Intimidator Truck Series spec sheet include LED headlights, a premium bench seat with room for three adults and a 2,100-pound maximum towing capacity. The Intimidator Truck Series entries can be powered by a 750cc Kohler® gas engine or a 1,000cc Kohler® diesel engine.

Intimidator UTV GC1K Series 

Do you love to hit the trail in search of mud-slingin’ thrills? The Intimidator UTV GC1K Series will fit the bill and deliver plenty of excitement when you take the road less traveled. Developed and built for the trail, the GC1K Series employs a heavy-duty frame and an updated plastics package to provide the toughness you need. Intimidator GC1K Series entries are available in three-passenger Classic and six-passenger Crew Cab platforms in three stages that deliver a best-in-class 83 horsepower, an impressive 67 pound-feet of torque and a top speed of 65 mph with a 1,000cc gas engine.  

Intimidator UTV Enforcer ATV Series 

Add to the excitement in the Little Rock area with the Intimidator Enforcer ATV Series at Cowboy CDJR. Armed with an SXS Gear portal lift factory option, a 4-inch gear lift, a 30-percent gear reduction, 32-inch Motoboss tires, 15-inch MSA Beadlock wheels, 18 inches of ground clearance, Elka shocks and power steering, the Enforcer ATV Series is ready to hit the trail. Enforcer ATV Series models are powered by an Intimidator 800cc gas engine that will manufacture 65 horsepower and a top speed of 50 mph.

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What are the differences between Intimidator UTV models near Little Rock, AR? Find the Intimidator UTV that will fit your needs at Cowboy CDJR in Clinton. Visit the Cowboy CDJR inventory today to find a car, truck, crossover or Intimidator UTV to fit your lifestyle and budget!