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Is it safe to drive on a tire with a bubble?

What to do if you find a bulge on your tire

Like most things in life, it’s important that your vehicle has a solid foundation. If you were going to equate any part of your vehicle to a foundation, it would most definitely be its tires. We put our tires through a lot on the open road, so it makes sense to regularly inspect them for defects, cracks, etc. There are a number of things that can affect your tires from temperature to obstructions in the road. One problem many drivers might notice is a bulge in the side of their tire. What does this mean? Is this dangerous? Can this be fixed? The team here at Cowboy CDJR wants to make sure you’re always driving safe, so we put together this post about what to do if you find a bulge on your tire. We have some valuable information for you, so keep reading this post to learn more!

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Risks of driving with a tire bubble

Before we assess the risks of driving with a bubble on your tire, we should define what it is first. In most cases, these appear on your tire as a result of hitting the side of your tire. This often occurs when hitting a curb or a deep pothole. The bubble forms as a result of the sidewall separating from the rest of the tire and filling with air from the tire. It’s somewhat similar to a blister forming on the skin. Unfortunately, tire rubber cant repair itself, and if gone untreated, the bulge will grow.

Bubble pointed out in tire
Closeup of bulge in tire

Since rubber can’t repair itself, your best bet is to have it looked at immediately. In most cases, you’ll need to get a new tire, as the cost to repair a sidewall separation will outweigh the cost of a new tire. While some forums and drivers may advise that you can drive with the bubble, it’s highly dangerous. The air in a tire bubble is only being held in by a thin piece of rubber and is prone to tearing or a full blow out. Driving at high speeds, or over uneven roads increases this risk manyfold. Depending on the situation (high traffic, on the highway, etc.) a blowout can cause far more danger and damage up to totaling your vehicle and others on the road. As a responsible vehicle-owner and driver, it makes the most sense to get the bulge in your tire looked at as soon as possible.

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